Capilano Challenge Consulting Ltd. has been in business since September 1993.

We create software that assists First Nations and Tribal Councils in monitoring and delivering all aspects of their governmental activities.  We develop information systems that are secure, dependable and user friendly.
We utilize the Microsoft suite of products and more specificallyVisual 2017 and SQL Server 2017 to achieve the goal of stability and afford-ability.  We have also incorporated other Windows based accounting programs such as Sage Accpac, and Adagio into our overall systems.
Decision makers require timely and accurate information in order to implement responsive decisions and long term strategic planning. This is why SMART Reports are not just an after thought.  Smart Reports are carefully crated to ensure that the information is both valid and valued.  There are two types of Smart Reports:
  • Specific Reports
  • Trend Reports
Specific or 'on point' reports assist the Administration in the daily running of the office. They tend to focus on daily, weekly or monthly periods.

Trend or impressionistic reports are just as accurate, but their focus tends to aid in long term strategic planning.
We Genuinely Appreciate Your Business.
Our mission statement of making software behave is sincere.  A properly designed, developed and implemented information system is a valued tool for your administration.

Most importantly, it must be easy to use.
Elaborate, costly and difficult to use systems have one thing in common: They fail!  Worse yet, if the staff receive inadequate training or have to wait for a montly training session, they simply abandon the system altogether and it simply becomes "dust-ware".
Our goal of building easy to use and value packed information systems is complimented by our commitment to training.
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